Friday, April 22, 2011


SPECIAL PERKS! - A new category in the shop from the coming update! :D

You will be able to equip yourself with one of them per level in a whole new slot and it will really help in times of trouble!
Each perk works for a limited time and has a recharge period so you'll have to use them wisely.
They will be unlocked from the very beginning but will cost a lot of stars.

Here they are:

*Invisble Cape : Makes you invisible - the puppets stop chasing and start looking for you.

*Sentry gun: Shoots around and helps you eliminate puppets.

*Dynamite Cake: You throw it in the distance and the puppets gather around to eat it and it explodes in their face ! :mrgreen:

*Energy drink: Makes you invincible and faster.

*Atomic Nose Blower: Blows up all the puppets currently on the map.

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