Friday, April 22, 2011


SPECIAL PERKS! - A new category in the shop from the coming update! :D

You will be able to equip yourself with one of them per level in a whole new slot and it will really help in times of trouble!
Each perk works for a limited time and has a recharge period so you'll have to use them wisely.
They will be unlocked from the very beginning but will cost a lot of stars.

Here they are:

*Invisble Cape : Makes you invisible - the puppets stop chasing and start looking for you.

*Sentry gun: Shoots around and helps you eliminate puppets.

*Dynamite Cake: You throw it in the distance and the puppets gather around to eat it and it explodes in their face ! :mrgreen:

*Energy drink: Makes you invincible and faster.

*Atomic Nose Blower: Blows up all the puppets currently on the map.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here are some more screenshots of the Lite Boss battle:

From the Puppet War:Lite version:

Lite version in review now :)) Should be out soon!

The lite version includes an exclusive preview boss battle that will only be included in future updates of the full game .

We didn't include him in the full game now because we only had his boss character ready and didn't want to have only one boss battle in the game. So we will add him in a future update when we create more cool boss battles :)

For now he is called the Lite Boss (and he's not lite at all ;) . And he is pretty tough to beat.

Beware of his horns and colorful bombs!

Friday, August 13, 2010


The update is 'Stuffed' with loads of new content : More MAPS! ZOMBIES & NINJA puppets! SURVIVAL mode! OPENFEINT and a lot more cool features and improvements!
Check our site for more details.

Also a free LITE version is coming soon with a Sneak preview BOSS BATTLE that will be included in future updates.

Here is the new version start screen :)